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Location of wordpress

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Registered: ‎15-06-2016

Location of wordpress

Sorry if this is a stupid question but....

About 6-7 years ago I created a static page website on the ‘normal’ webspace using Frontpage and a blog using wordpress on the ccgi space.  No issues and it all works well.  However i have come to the point where i want to modify and update it.  Having changed computers two or three times since then i no longer have Frontpage so had the thought to put the entire website into wordpress.  Sounded easy.  

My question is with the ‘new’ webspace in Plusnet do i put the wordpress into the standard webspace or do i leave it in the ccgi? If the latter how do i make the landing page the wordpress one?  Is it a case of having the index page in the standard space missing? Or do i need to modify the standard space index page to read????

I am, sure there is an easy answer (if only I knew it).

thank you for any help