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Legacy Freenetname access - plusnet Fibre ?

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Legacy Freenetname access - plusnet Fibre ?

Evening folks, hoping for some guidance/wisdom!



I have a somewhat antiquated email setup that stems from being a Freenetname customer. Basically, many years ago my internet had to be with Freenetname, in order to access their servers.  Then it changed to Madasafish - again my internet was with them.

I still need access to that email server, and it's fine as is with Plusnet Ads - however, my speeds are so slow that it simply can't continue - there is Fibre in my street, so I'm going to upgrade.

My question is, once I upgrade to Fibre with Plusnet, can I still access my old email servers. or even better, If I move to, say Virgin, Will my access be lost?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Legacy Freenetname access - plusnet Fibre ?

@WJD01 Welcome to the forums. If you take out an FTTC contract with PN, your email access will remain exactly as it is now.

If, however, you decide to go with Virgin, although you should be able to retain a mail-only service with PN for free, but from what I have seen recently it is a bit of a messy procedure - it can be done, but needs quite a lot of manual intervention by an experienced PN staffer.

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Re: Legacy Freenetname access - plusnet Fibre ?

Making changes to a Plusnet account will have no effect on a Madasafish/Freenetname account as they’re in no way linked together. Smiley

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