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Joomla rewite issues

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Registered: ‎25-03-2008

Joomla rewite issues

Hi - I have a joomla site up and running ok, but I am having trouble getting my SEF to work. I have checked with plusnet support and the mod_rewrite is enabled. I suspect the issue is the correct setting of my rewriteBase. If my site is - then surely my rewrite base should be /WWR/ ?
Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Joomla rewite issues

Hi - I have just overcome a similar SEF issue in a new  Joomla 1.5 installation - make sure that in the Joomla configuration.php file that you have a relevant entry in the  "$live_site" line - in your case it would probably be `` .  I tried this after noticing an obscure comment in one of the Joomla forums - and hey presto it all subsequently worked. 
If this fails there are some third-party extensions for Joomla which mange SEF which are supposed to be much better than the  Joomla  one - have a look at for instance.