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Issues Streaming to Twitch

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Issues Streaming to Twitch

I'm a part-time content creator and I live stream on Twitch. I have recently moved house and I am now experiencing significant issues when streaming. My upstream connection is very unstable and OBS shows my bit-rate (kbps) dropping frequently to as low as 0-300kpbs. This is resulting in a poor stream quality and frequent dropouts. At my previous house we were with Sky and my bit-rate would stay consistently at around 3,000kpbs with little to no fluctuation. 

Just to clarify, when I was with Sky, I never experienced this issue with OBS. This is not a hardware or software issue at my end, all the equipment and software is the same, the only difference is changing property meaning I have changed from Sky to PlusNet. 

As you can see from the image below, I ran a Twitch Bandwidth Test which shows that my bandwidth connection is easily over 10,000kpbs (to be expected with an upload speed of around 15mbps), but the quality of the connection is evidently poor at 0/100. 

My housemate (bill payer) and myself have been active on a separate thread on Plusnet Community as we were experiencing frequent dropouts on our 2.4ghz network and our 5ghz network didn't have a connection. That issue was resolved by a firmware update that was pushed to our router, but now I have encountered this issue which is very frustrating.

Please can I get some assistance on this matter as Twitch is an important part of my income and I need a reliable connection to stream. 

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Re: Issues Streaming to Twitch

Is it just Twitch you’re having issues with? Or do you have problems with loading webpages or streaming off other sites? Also can you try a wired connection to rule out a wireless issue?