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Ignore - ok now - Can't upload files to webspace.

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Ignore - ok now - Can't upload files to webspace.

All of a sudden it works, Please ignore.

I have been a plusnet user for nearly a month and would now like to take advantage of my free webspace.  I am on option 2
I think I am doing everything right, but before I raise a ticket can someone check I am not doing something stupid.
I have tried and
My username is the same as I use to get into the member centre section to see my useage etc.
The password is also the same one I use for the member centre
Do I need to anything first to 'enable' my webspace?
Thanks in advance
Below cut&pasted from dos box with username changed.

C:\Documents and Settings\Mike>ftp
Connected to
220-PLEASE NOTE: If you have a non-subscription account you
220-will only be able to login to this ftp server if you are
220-dialled into our network.
220-A Maximum of 4 concurrent connections are allowed to this
220-server, each session is limited to 64KB/s downloads and
220-32KB/s uploads.
220 Plus.Net FTP2 Server #1 ready
User ( xxxxxxxxx
331 Password required for xxxxxxxxx.
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.