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I don't want to be caught again - Cashback

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Registered: ‎30-12-2020

I don't want to be caught again - Cashback

So, I was caught out by Plusnet offering cashback on TopCashBack and their reward card.  My TCB was declined because they were going to give me a reward card.  I signed up to Plusnet because of this.  Before Plusnet, I was using BT, signed up using TCB, received cashback, reward card and a free gift, so I figured I would receive the same, obviously not!  I do feel tricked, as it wasn't mentioned on TCB, it was only buried away in Plusnet website...  I should have checked more closely.


So, moving on, Plusnet are offering cashback on SIMO, but the plans they have on TCB are not the same on their website. I don't want to move to Plusnet, then find out I'm not eligible for cashback, because of a technicality...  So what's the deal here: If I click the TCB offer of 12GB for £10 (existing broadband customers), but then go to Plusnet's website, there is no 12GB for £10, but it has a 13GB for £11.  If I go for that one, will I receive TCB cashback?