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How can I restore additional MX record for hosted domain?

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How can I restore additional MX record for hosted domain?

Good afternoon,


Many years ago I was using SMTP delivery.  When PN stopped storing email until requested by finger request, I changed to POP3 but was able to add a higher priority MX record so that, if my server was available, it would receive all email directly, and if it was not available, then all email was directed to PN to be collected by POP3 later.

I have not been paying very much attention but it looks as though, in the last few years, the system has been changed and the additional MX record is now ignored ( appears in the PN domain control panel, but does not get transferred into the published records) when POP3 is selected as the delivery method.

Is there any chance of getting back to the previous situation?  or even some other workaround?

I do hope someone can find a solution for me.

Thank for any help.

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Re: How can I restore additional MX record for hosted domain?

What's happening now is how it should always have operated. I suspect the fact that you were able to simultaneously run both SMTP and POP3 in tandem was more a glitch of the system. It may be possible to get things working as they were by reverting to the option that lets you 'specify MX records for your domain' and adding MX records for both your SMTP server and

If that doesn't work (bearing in mind it could break your mail delivery for a period of time), then you're probably out of luck. My recommendation would be that you look for a dedicated MX backup service.

Bob Pullen
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