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How can I block adult images?

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How can I block adult images?

Hi all.


Is there any way you can block adult images? PN Safeguard only seems to do websites/categories. And if there is a way, would it be possible to use one device to block images on all devices connected via the router?



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Re: How can I block adult images?


Hi @Cagney1994


I'm afraid Safeguard only works on the principle of blocking individual sites, or, types of sites (for example, gambling pornography) rather than specific images. As Safeguard (or any program) would rely on the author/owner of said website tagging each image as adult content, it is very difficult to enforce this. I know that Google (and other search engines) have their respective "Adult content block" settings, but beyond this, you may need to look further afield for an alternative solution.


Best wishes



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Re: How can I block adult images?

Maybe try a paid for premium service such as NetNanny or Norton Family. Their block lists may be more regularly updated and comprehensive.

With filters it's all about blocking the site or site categories (as mentioned) the images are hosted from.

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Re: How can I block adult images?

@southerner, I don't see how that is going to work! The software would need to examine i.e. 'look' at the actual content to determine if it were to be blocked and I don't think any software is capable of doing that outside the world of big servers and AI.