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Hosting offline with avatar gone!

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Hosting offline with avatar gone!

I initially thought that my reply had been deleted by a mod as I didn't see one of my random avatars however I then noticed my reply was there but without an avatar.
So I tried to view the avatar directly and was given this message :
The requested URL was rejected. If you think this is an error, please contact the webmaster.
Your support ID is: 7324298873407078679

I've no way of contacting the webmaster and helpfully that message provides no method to do so and so I am here!
Please help!
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Re: Hosting offline with avatar gone!

The message is a "helpful" contribution from Hostopia that means "there was an error". However what that error is is tucked away into that log report which it appears we do not have access to (perhaps because we may not be who we claim to be).
It's an issue that has been raised elsewhere but seems far from resolution at the moment.