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Help with a site idea...

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Help with a site idea...

Hey folks.
I'm having issues getting my head round an implementation of something... and im hoping one of you will have a good idea! as ive spent hours googling for something suitable.
I'd like:
1) a CMS (i've poked about with wordpress, because i know it.. but the plugins required are lacking), ive also looked at Drupal but didnt think much to the JS admin pages which take forever to load while they go through their "opening/closing" animations  Angry
2) Project management.basically, i want something that allows

  • Feature Requests & Tracking (like google Codes implementation)

  • Bug tracker (similar to google codes implementation)

  • something SIMPLE - for example MantisBT is very nice, but complicated as hell!

3) allows me to modify it as necessary as much as possible Smiley i just didnt want to start coding something when theres a CMS out there with a plugin available.
I've looked at:
Wordpress + g-projects, "project" - both were broken in some way or did not do quite what i wanted.
Drupal + "project" - however following the install procedure all i managed to do was break Drupal (which took ages to set up because of its stupid menu'ing system)

System requirements are not an issue -as im running it on my own machine which is pretty high spec'd.
Has IIS7 + php5 -- used for site hosting,
apache + Mysql -- apache is just used to serve the MySQL.
All software is the 'latest and greatest' Smiley
Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome!
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Re: Help with a site idea...

Have you looked at ; ?
A logical fork from Etomite - good features and User community.
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Registered: ‎09-07-2007

Re: Help with a site idea...

Thanks for the reply Maurice Smiley
Just gonna look into it now, will probably start poking about with it and seeing what can be done
Regards Smiley