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Have I been hacked?

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Re: Have I been hacked?

Thanks for writing at length, Idonno.

These are not easy times for us 'silver surfers' as there seem to be layers upon layers of mystery.

What happened was that I tried to 'repair' Outlook, which was a desktop application on my pc. But when I did that, not only did outlook vanish but so did every other MS Office application. They are not even shown in the list of programmes on the pc. The only thing I can think is that I bought a refurbished PC (perhaps a mistake) which included MS Office 2019. Perhaps it was not registered and MS decided that, rather than repair it, they would just remove it.

The online webmail for PlusNet is very unreliable so I'm trying to set it up so that everything gets automatically forwarded to Gmail. But I clearly haven't succeeded as this mail came to plusnet. I'll have another go when I have time.

I can use Google Drive for my personal activities but it's a pain when it comes to work stuff as I have zillions of files. (I've also lost the main photo editor that I use which was part of the MS Office suite.)

The major pain with Google Drive is that it seems to be quite difficult to print anything - you have to download it (by which time I cannot read it as I no longer have word) and then print it.

So all in all I'm not panicking but I do feel thoroughly frustrated!

But, this forum is about PlusNet.

Is Thunderbird a free download?