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Google Stadia

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Google Stadia

Hello everyone!


I am unable to see any mentions of Google Stadia on this forum so thought I would start one here. I have been using the service to play games since launch. The platform itself has improved over time. But I have an issue when playing stadia at home. I am on FTTC connection at home with 40Mbps down and 9mbps up. More than enough to run Stadia. For some reason, gameplay is not the best experience. Then when I go over to a friends who is with Zen. The experience is flawless. I am wondering how Plusnet do their routing because it appears to be a lot more than Zen 🤔 My home setup is Openreach modem connected to my Netgear XR500 router (Plusnet Hub one was too restricting). 

Does anyone else use Stadia? How is your experience? Are you using the Plusnet Hub one?

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Re: Google Stadia

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Re: Google Stadia

Can't really offer any help, but I get the same problem with Stadia on PlusNet - my download speed generally is good (around 50Mbps+) and the Stadia connection test says it should work well, but actual gameplay is poor or just drops entirely saying the connection isn't good enough.


This is using a PC wired to my router, not over wireless.