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Future of Perl on plusnet

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Future of Perl on plusnet

Judging by the discussions it seems like PHP is the only game in town currently. Just wondering what the future of Perl was, as in what versions and any plans to change the basic module load or make it easier for users to install modules themselves?
I don't have specific queries, I badly need to inspect my ccgi space and identify which parts are really needed before I do anything else, last year I had CPAN go recursive and install a shedload of unwanted stuff. Need to clean up...
Going to be difficult, last thing I did was fail to install catalyst, seems like I've got about 2/3 of cpan on there now.
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Re: Future of Perl on plusnet

You'll be able to use perl on the new platform as cgi, just like now. It will be perl 5.10. As for modules, we're yet to decide what will be included. If there's genuine demand for something I can't see it being a problem.