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Free Log Viewer

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Free Log Viewer

Hi All
Hope this is in the right place.
I need a Free Log Viewer for the log files from Force9 & PlusNet
Can any one help?
I have tried Notepad but it is too messy for me.
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Re: Free Log Viewer

Quote from: Midnight
I need a Free Log Viewer for the log files from Force9 & PlusNet

Hi Gary,
Some long time back now, but as far as I recall I used to go through our log files with Arachophilia.
Don't remember now what format the log files come in (.txt?), but pretty sure it opened them.  Arachnophilia has a choice of viewing colours etc. if that helps with legibility (the log files are pretty dense as I recall).
If it might be useful for your purposes, there's a link to where to download Arachnophilia from, in the post here.
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