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Forum email notifications

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Forum email notifications

I'm a bit fed up with receiving an email notification every time someone replies to a thread I'm subscribed to, I don't want a daily or weekly digest, just one email to say there has been a reply.


I did mention this in another thread, and rather than take that off topic I'll start a new one.



@jaread83 wrote:

@Ronski - you can change the community notifications sent to email to be collected in a weekly digest. Just change your settings here:

You can also change the reply notifications to be the first reply only (like traditional forums) on this page if you prefer it that way.


@jaread83 I've looked in the settings, and there is no setting as per the part in bold above, there is an option for For my forum subscriptions, notify me for only the first post in each topic. But there isn't this option for single threads.



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Re: Forum email notifications

That is correct and I assume that there is only the option of a global setting not per thread

Note that the reference to Topic is actually Threads which may be where the confusion arises