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File permission problems on ccgi

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File permission problems on ccgi

I've installed a TWiki on the cgi server, but I'm having problems with the session files.
These are initially created with me as the owner and cgiusers as the group with the following permissions:
This seems to cause a problem, since I'm having to chmod the files to rw-rw-r-- or I get an error in TWiki (the world rights don't seem to be the issue, since rw-rw---- is also ok).
Oddly, ---rw---- is also no good, which implies that sometimes I'm trying to update these files under my username, and sometimes via the group.
In addition, occasionally these files are created with a owner/group of nobody/nogroup, but I can't quite work out when and why this happens.
I'm assuming that nobody/nogroup is used when apache creates the files, and userrname/cgiusers when a cgi script creates them.
Anyone got any ideas how I could sort this out? Currently, my only solution has been a crontab that resets the permissions once a minute, but this is obviously an 'orrible kludge, and results in intermittent problems.
Oh, and anyone know why chown and chgrp aren't available? And also why I can't setgid on directories?

I've given up and installed mediawiki (an oldish version, since current needs php5). Much easier.
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Re: File permission problems on ccgi

Does it not work, when you chmod all to 755 (rwx, r-x, r-x)?  Undecided
When this works then you can use 750 (rwx, r-x, ---) as well, is my experience, and that is always recommended by the forum  moderators.