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Fibre has suddenly appeared on my pole

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Fibre has suddenly appeared on my pole

It would seem someone has attached some fibre to the pole outside my house with about 200m colied up at the bottom. It is labelled as "FTTP Connector UG 8way 200m", there is also what looks like a 8 way connector at the top of the pole the cable goes in to.

Is this becase someone has ordered FTTP (we are on demand on our cab) and is 8 way only for one house or is this able to supply all 6 of the houses on that pole? I would be really interested because my FTTC is really poor (only get 13Mb/500Kb) but have baulked at the high prices for FTTPOD offerings.

Anyone seen this before? Should I be hopeful or just carry on with my pathetic connection.?

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Re: Fibre has suddenly appeared on my pole

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Re: Fibre has suddenly appeared on my pole

Hi Jerrybot, we'd not be able to find out any more than you could about that I'm afraid but it would be a good idea to check your number here if you haven't already: - Adam 

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