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Fibre availability from others but not Plusnet

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Fibre availability from others but not Plusnet

Hi folks,

I’ve been watching OpenReach’s installation teams doing their thing in May and June and repeatedly visiting the plusnet upgrade pages for full fibre availability. Last week I got paper mail from Virgin, TalkTalk and City Fibre saying full fibre is available from them, and checking their websites I can have 150Mbps full fibre installed at pennies more than my plusnet FTTC. Plusnet’s “upgrade” offer is from "Unlimited Fibre Extra" to “Fibre" (without phone service) with no change to the service speeds for 46p a month less and for a 24 month instead of 18 month contract term. 

I’m in the last three months of my plusnet contract so changing to one of the other providers won’t be a problem (except for the interminable “no, I’m definitely leaving” call with plusnet’s retentions department 😕 ). I’ve only had one issue over the 4 years+ that I’ve been with plusnet, and that was a national issue rather than plusnet specific, so I’ve no complaints about them.

Anyway, what’s the deal with plusnet being so late to the full fibre offers game? 


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Re: Fibre availability from others but not Plusnet

@Nah  You are not comparing apples with apples. Virgin and City Fibre are competitors to Openreach who in turn are who PN use.

You could have a look on the Openreach website to see if they have plans for your area, then check the BTW DSL Checker which will show when PN can offer fibre - after Openreach say it’s available.

That said it may not make financial sense for three fibre infrastructure supplies to install in the same area.

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Re: Fibre availability from others but not Plusnet


Here's the BT Checker


You're looking for WBC FTTP in the left hand column and Available to the right.