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Fibre Connection to the ONT

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Re: Fibre Connection to the ONT

@mystreet1  I don't believe a word of that, are you trying to say there are no Huawei ONTs connected to the Openreach FTTP network? They may not use them now for new connections but there must be a huge number still in use from earlier installations.

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Re: Fibre Connection to the ONT

@mystreet1  ....  It's a plastic box made with mounting posts and holes to match a standard UK backbox.  I believe the mounting posts are standard across different make of ONTs  and the ONT that OR supplied is fitted inside - I believe it's a Nokia ONT but I haven't checked.

Yes the plastic box was supplied with a Huawei ONT (or is that the other way round?)  the plastic case isn't reporting anything back to China (or perhaps their technology is more advanced than I thought and those faint Mandarin whispers at night are more sinister than I thought...!)