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False phone calls

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False phone calls

I have received a few phone calls today saying that they were from BT and would be disconnecting my Broadband as and from tonight as it was not secure.

I was able to find the telephone not used i.e. 01289573862 and 01267 331512

Are these genuine - cannot get through to "help and support"

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Re: False phone calls


These are scam calls. The best thing to do once you have answered them to to say nothing and terminate the call.

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Re: False phone calls

@jgb  beat me to the punch. I type slowly and was interrupted, sorry.


This is a well known nuisance that has been ongoing for a long,long time. The numbers you report will not be genuine but spoofed numbers which if you ring them will not work.

Is your telephone service with BT? If not then why would a genuine BT ring to say your service was being disconnected.

Bt have publicly stated on many occasions that the will never telephone in this way.

We have had 2 such call this morning and ignore them.

Another introduction is to say it is a call from you internet provider. You internet provider would abide by your chosen means of communication.

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Re: False phone calls

The best answer is an answer machine and caller ID  so you do not have to answer in the first place but essentially a call blocker to stop them getting through as often as they might do. Some BT phones have them built in.

I use one from CPR and would not be without it.

My other technique is to answer in a foreign language such as French , German or Spanish.........!

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Re: False phone calls

I got a similar call today and frequently over the last few months -- usually a recording.  Just put the phone down.

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Re: False phone calls

I had an earlier model of a CPR Call Blocker. These take their power from the phone connections. Mine worked but when I had a problem the BT fault finder was finding an impedance fault (in fact the power being used by the blocker) on the line and simply claimed that this was the cause of the fault regardless of whether it was connected.

I now have a BT phone with built in TruCall call blocker. This is much better, no buttons to press with scam callers, they just don't get through in the first place..

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Re: False phone calls

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