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@Bogbody wrote:
There are now CBT units fixed to the pole outside my house - this was done over the last few weeks.
The Openreach checker shows that FTTP is not yet available in this .....
The question is --- when are Pusnet going to start offering FTTP deals? Real soon now? or in 2025??? 🙂

PN says at some point but it won't be of any use to you if the fibre network isn't in place and more importantly ...connected. It isn't an add on to the existing copper network. But if the BT checker says not available, maybe dig further.


I had much the same issue back in January this year - the BT checker gave exactly what you described, not available with no hint of something coming my way. Early February, a card from a local ISP was put through the letterbox saying they were going to be installing FTTP in the village (plus 6 others nearby). £29 would get me 120Mb/s up and down. If one registered early, no set up fees to pay either. My application went in the same day.


Early March, the work started in earnest (lots of vans, cables strung between the poles etc with a new Fibre cable brought into the village along the existing ducts that supplied the FTTC cabinet.) and middle of March, I got connected. I haven't looked back since. 500Mb/s down, 500Mb/s up, for £39 a month and not a BT / OR van in sight. It might pay to make enquiries of other companies that might serve you if the BT checker still says nowt i.e. you could always put your postcode here to check if others might be doing the work.


Edit: fwiw I kept the phone line on for a couple of weeks afterwards but the FTTP has been so reliable all I had to do was give 14 days notice to cease it. Its still into the house but not live any more. And the real icing on the cake, price is fixed for 2 years with no yearly CPI increase in sight!

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I've noticed things starting to be attached to poles around here, wondered what they were until I started reading this thread which explains it. So looks like FTTP could be coming round my way to South East London.

My PlusNet connection is at my sisters - although I don't live there my job is to look after it 😀

I use Branson Media (I call it that because the Monoplies and Mergers commision took some very long lunches when they allowed Vigin the sole right to run cable in this country).

Though my sister has PlusNet, and no Branson Media down her road - even though it is a main road.

So sorry I'm rambling (as per), my point being it is looks as if they're expanding it my way at the moment and PlusNet need to pull their finger out and offer it as a full product as soon as they can.

Be good if it does go to hers, PlusNet offer it as a full product. I am sure if I were to say to my sister "You can get faster internet now, do you want it?". Errrmm .. that would be a Rhetorical Question 😛

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You could check the following to confirm potential availability