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FTPs failing to connect (especially cross-server FTPs)

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FTPs failing to connect (especially cross-server FTPs)

For the last three days, any attempt to initiate an FTP connection from CGI server  to home pages server has failed although normal browser response time to both has been fine.
Even simple FTPs to the home pages server (from Dreamweaver) have been failing to connect most of the time - although if I keep trying it eventually connects.
Has anyone else experienced this?
Specifically,  a CGI PHP program trying to communicate with a home pages server by issuing a PHP:
simply times out,  i.e. access fails even before getting to log on to the home pages server.
This fails in an identical way in the umpteen places it is used in my various websites (I have just been through testing them all!) but was working in all of them a few days ago.
DAK if something is now blocking CGI to home pages server FTPs, or (more likely) if such FTPs have suddenly become bottlenecked, or if PHP has been upgraded ...or something similar.
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Re: FTPs failing to connect (especially cross-server FTPs)

try connecting to sometimes it works off an ip when it wont work on a name