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FTP login failed at 01:30 this morning.

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FTP login failed at 01:30 this morning.

I use an automated FTP login at 01:30 daily to retrieve my web statistic log files.

This morning at 01:30 that login failed, and so my web logs were not retrievable. Later this morning when I checked, I found that the expected files are present and have the correct date and time and .gz sequence, and I was able to retrieve them by hand.

Could someone confirm that the FTP service login was unavailable at that 01:30 today, and, if so explain why the unavailability was not reported in the Status Report?

If it WAS available, perhaps someone could look at the FTP logs and let me know what went wrong?

Thank you

Kenneth Spencer


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Re: FTP login failed at 01:30 this morning.

It's possibly related to the problem discussed here:

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