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End of the line for ADSL ?

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End of the line for ADSL ?

BT ( Plusnet's parent company) are currently offering to migrate their current ADSL ( copper wire) customers to Fibre for free.

I have not yet seen the full T's & C's but by "free" it states that


Free update for the price you pay now

We are currenlty moving all of our copper customers to fibre for free


So it looks like a big push to migrate away from ADSL .and can only be a matter of time before ADSL is  "retired".


Are Plusnet planning to offer the same ?

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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

What happens when the contract runs out? Do you still get the same VDSL speed for the old ADSLprice or is this the sting in the tail?

Perhaps I'm just a cynical old s*d for looking for the catch.

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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

There's no fibre in my area, so what happens to me?
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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

This was just a not very well thought out marketing message sent to BT customers last year, in an effort to encourage people to upgrade.

Have a look on you favourite search engine!!

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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

Hi @Protech


Thanks for your post.

As it stand there is no news of this from our end and would advise that any news would be provided in our usual marketing and advertising routes should this happen.

As @Cagney1994 has mentioned there are still a number of areas in the country that do not have fibre coverage, this will ultimately be resolved however as a provider we and any other provider do not have control over when the network would be upgraded.

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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

Lots of the areas that are yet to be upgraded from ADSL/ADSL2+ will (eventually) be covered by non-BT broadband (e.g. Gigaclear are due to install FTTP in my area in the next year or two), so Plusnet won't be able to provide an upgrade path in such cases, and therefore I wouldn't expect them to advertise the existence of such an option to customers.

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Re: End of the line for ADSL ?

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