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Domain transfer out request has been ignored

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Domain transfer out request has been ignored

Does anyone have any idea how I can get some resolution to a domain transfer bottleneck?  

After 19 years with Freenetname/Madasafish/PlusNet I finally decided that enough was enough and initiated a domain transfer last Thursday at about midday.  The ludicrous 100MB mailbox limit and the recurrent webmail (and email) issues of the last twelve months were enough to push me over the edge before this.  I could go down the Nominet route although this would take more time as I'd need to re-authenticate my details and in any case PN (to whom I've already paid £25 for the service) have an obligation to make the transfer. And, of course PN are now stepping outside Nominet's requirement for registrars to "act promptly on reasonable requests from Registrants to make changes to their domain name registration"

Any help at all in this regard would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Domain transfer out request has been ignored



you did not mention if the domain is .com, etc?

i believe for most domains you may be required to pay a fee to transfer to another domain providers such as 123-reg or heart internet etc.


you normally initiate the transfer from the new domain provider of your choice, and then the current domain provider issues an auth code which the new provider will request at some point to confirm the transfer request - you should unlock the domain at this point or the transfer may fail.

once this is done then you should see the domain appear within approx 14 days of confirming the transfer out.


also you may not be aware of this but it is possible to keep the domain with current provider and purchase email/domain hosting with another provider such as 123-reg, office 365 and simply activate the email/web hosting by changing the nameservers of the domain to the new hosting provider or by simply updatiing the dns A (for websites) or mx records in the case of email


i hope this helps you out!

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Re: Domain transfer out request has been ignored

There's no fee to pay for transferring .uk (Nominet) domains.

There's no point in keeping the registration with Plusnet - their fees are way higher than specialist hosting services.

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Re: Domain transfer out request has been ignored


@talkhat, private message me your account details and the IPS Tag of the registrar you're moving to and I'll sort it. Apologies for the hassle.

Bob Pullen
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Re: Domain transfer out request has been ignored


Thank you so very much for sorting this ridiculous situation out. It does grieve me to leave PN, having been a solid customer since 1999, but the last year's performance has, frankly, been poor.  Until this happened I'd been a happy customer and indeed, have arranged for at least 8 or 9 of my clients to subscribe to PN.

Thanks again, and very best wishes

Peter (talkhat)