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Domain setting up

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Registered: ‎14-09-2007

Domain setting up

I just got a domian from called
I tried reading everywhere how to sort this out to point to my webspace on plusnet.
I have  that points to my ccgi server space at  and is through the £1 a month scheme.
what i want this new domain to point at either  or
how do i go about this and what are the actual setting i need to provide
i have nothing pointed towards my normal webspace.
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Re: Domain setting up

There are a number of ways you could achieve this.
The easiest would probably be to transfer the domain name into Plusnet for hosting only (keeping the registration with 123-reg).
Once the domain is on our systems you can easily point this at your webspace, your CGI space, or at your other domain if you wish the domains to be mirrored.
If you wish to take this approach, you simply need to get 123-reg to update your name servers to the following and then raise a ticket asking we add this to your account.