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Domain renewal settings for host only

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Domain renewal settings for host only

Hi, I've just transferred in 2 domains on a host only basis. I'm on the teleworker package which allows free hosting for up to three domains as I understand it.
When I come to use the configure form at I get to the question at the bottom about making my domain renewal choice. I don't want Plusnet to renew my domain registration for me as I will do it myself with GoDaddy when the time comes.
So how do I handle this part of the form? If I just ignore it will my hosting be terminated after 2 years or what?
Any advice would be much appreciated as I've not found an answer to this using search.
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Re: Domain renewal settings for host only

Hello Frutigen,
You can ignore this option as it won't be required for a hosting only domain package.
If it is a required field, you can either set this to yes or no, it won't affect your hosting as there is nothing to renew.
I hope this helps,
Matthew Scully