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Domain renewal confusion

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Domain renewal confusion


Just had an email stating that one of my domains is due for renewal early November and if I want it renewed then I should call you.

I just checked my account and under Domains it states (for all 3 I have)

" We will renew this domain automatically for you, if you don't want us to renew your domain click here."

So which is it? Do I have to call to renew or not?

In the past I've never done anything and they have renewed fine.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Domain renewal confusion

Hi @geehawk 


If you have had the email saying you need to call us, then I would suggest doing so. 


Kind Regards, 


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Community Gaffer
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Re: Domain renewal confusion

@geehawk As an alternative to calling us if you're unable to, if your domains are showing in your Plusnet account online that we'll auto-renew them we'll do this automatically closer to the time. Having said that in the unlikely event you find your domains have expired feel free to let us know and we'll escalate this to our NetOps team to renew. Hope this helps.

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