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Domain renewal. 7 days until I lose it.

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Domain renewal. 7 days until I lose it.



I paid Plusnet £98 for a domain renewal on the 23/3 (ticket 359782794).  I've received a letter today from Centralnic telling me that unless the bill of £16 is paid, my domain will be cancelled in 7 days.  I phoned Centralnic directly, who have confirmed that the domain has never been renewed, and is now at the end of the grace period, and it will be cancelled in 7 days.


I've called customer services and had a ticket raised ( 175802858 ), but because of my previous dealings with Plusnet over domains, I have no confidence that the CS rep actually understands this, nor that this will be dealt with within the 7 day period that Centralnic have given for this to be paid.  As an example, the last ticket about domains I raised with Plusnet, took over 2 weeks to get a reply simply because no-one with any authority is contactable by phone.  It all has to be done by tickets, which seem to be ignored.


Is there any empowered reps on the forum who can take ownership of the problem, and ensure that I don't lose my domain in 7 days?


I offered to pay Centrallnic the £16 myself, but they won't accept it from anyone other than the registrar.

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Re: Domain renewal. 7 days until I lose it.

If I were you I'd back-order your domain through another registrar as insurance - I use, but there are plenty of others around. It shouldn't cost anything unless they manage to buy it for you (it'll be cheaper than Plusnet too). I host my own servers on a plusnet account but using namesco's name servers to point to my plusnet fixed IP. I've never had a problem - it may be more awkward if you actually use Plusnet hosting.

Hopefully Plusnet will get you sorted out, but...

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Domain renewal.

Sorry to hear this.

I can confirm the agent you spoke with has followed the right process and this is now with the correct team.

We'll get that picked up as soon as we can.

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team