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Domain and mail redirection

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Domain and mail redirection

I have two domains that I set up on Heart Internet. They currently appear on Plusnet as registered and hosted on Plusnet. Heart says their name servers are force9. Heart says I am still billable through them, and they offer that I change the Nominet tag through them, so I assume the Nominet tag still points to Heart.

OK. So here's my problem. On Heart I set email to redirect from to my plusnet mailbox The redirect doesn't work.

When I send to, the mail arrives in instead of a mailbox I've set up to receive the redirects from the domain on Heart.

I read at the bottom of the "Manage my mail" page that "If you have domain names then your mailboxes work for those domains too.

Now, "have domains" is rather untechnical speak. I'm totally lost between who "Has" may domain, who it's registered with, who it's hosted with and who redirects the mail.

How do I handle mail to separately from ?

Or is something not working the way it should.

Is the redirect on Heart effective ? Where does DNS send my mail addressed to fred ? Does it go to Heart at all, or does it go direct to Plusnet ? And if the latter, is it possible to separate mail to from mail to ?

Can someone tell me where I should be in all this please ?

PS : For fred read hanworthsquash.

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Re: Domain and mail redirection

As the domain is hosted on Plusnet and the MX records point to the Plusnet mail servers, incoming mail will be going nowhere near the Heart mail servers so the redirect you've set up on there has no effect.

C:\Users\John>nslookup -type=mx

Non-authoritative answer:   MX preference = 10, mail exchanger =

Plusnet's mail servers only sort the mail by the mailbox name (the part before the @) so and will end up in the same mailbox.


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