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Domain and email

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Domain and email

Last week my sister emailed me. I didn't get it. When I asked her what email address she'd used, she said my one, not my one. So I emailed myself, and it didn't arrive. I phoned the CSC, and they said they'd look into it. I checked the questions log, and a guy (name deleted) said he'd call me on the 15th. I've commented twice on the ticket since, but nothing's happened and seeing as all my new business cards have my address on them, I'd like it working. The ticket is 24175219, if this helps. Lets see if anyone bothers to sort it now?

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Re: Domain and email

I've just had a look at your ticket and have tested the issue on it. I sent a test email to your domain address and can see that this arrived straight away into your mailbox.
Is there a particular mailbox on the domain which isn't working? I tested it with the domain address you supplied on the 18th and this worked.
The CSC agent that was looking into your ticket has unfortunately been off sick which is why he hasn't replied personally.
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