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DNS, ccgi and sub-directories.

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DNS, ccgi and sub-directories.

Hello. I have a domain ( that uses the Force 9 names servers (NS1.FORCE9.NET. NS2.FORCE9.NET). At present "points to" .
This website looks awful and I re-worked it to use PHP/Wordpress/Revolution theme. The re-worked website is at
I was hoping to switch it so that when you go to, you  would go to the reworked ccgi site and not the old one as you do at present.
I thought I would just be able to get Force 9 to point to the and raised a ticket to get this done. It seems from the response to the ticket that this can't be done and that they can only point at my root directory - i.e. ; This seems restrictive, as it seems if I want to do this, I can only ever have one cgi application. Is there a way round this or have I misunderstood something?
I hope I've used the right terminology to describe this. Thanks for any ideas.
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Re: DNS, ccgi and sub-directories.

Hi Brian,
If we point the domain to your ccgi space using DNS records, it would only point to the root folder in ccgi. To get around this, please check the link below:,71173.msg564931.html