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DNS Limitations

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DNS Limitations

I'm trying to use Office365 and I need a number of DNS settings that the portal does not support.   This includes:

  • CNAME records with an underscore (_) in the right field.  This is required to enable DKIM and should be supported.
  • TXT records - no option to create these and needed for SPF
  • SRV records - no option to create these and needed for Lync functionality

Will the support team (if it's actually possible to get a message to them that is!) be able to create these?


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Re: DNS Limitations

As far as I'm aware the Plusnet DNS does not support TXT or SRV records so the support team wouldn't be able to create them.

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Re: DNS Limitations

Move your domain to freedns which supports everything -


The only snag is that unless you become a paid subscriber,your domain then becomes shared so that anyone can grab themselves a subdomain from it.

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Re: DNS Limitations

As an alternative to freedns, have a look at CloudFlare. They primarily do CDN stuff but as part of that will host DNS for free. If you want a paid for option then can recommend DNSMadeEasy ($30 per year) or Azure/Amazon's DNS service ($15ish per year).


No affiliation with any of those companies apart from being satisfied customer (and we have Office365 configurations set up on all 3)

As a side note, you only need those SRV records for Lync functionality if you plan to enable federation (communication with Lync users on other domains)