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DNS Issues

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Registered: ‎05-10-2011

DNS Issues

I've tried opening a ticket, but can't as 3 are already open - I can't close any to open another one.
And 2 of the tickets I didn't open  Huh
Anyway, could someone have a look at the domain on my account 'Ferret86' please. When I ping the domain with the www. in front of it, it is coming up with the IP of PN's webspace, and if I ping the domain without the www. it's coming up with my old IP, but I think i've sort that issue out myself, just gotta wait for the DNS to propogate.
It's just with the www. in front thats causing an issue.
EDIT: My domain without the www. is now resolving to the correct IP i'm expecting - With the www. it's still resolving to the PN webspace.
EDIT2: It would appear that i've got it sussed now, the DNS appears to be propagating now. So this whole thread can be scrapped. Sorry.
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Registered: ‎23-03-2011

Re: DNS Issues

Glad to hear it updated, propagation can take up to 48 hours of the records being changed...
By the way, you can't close tickets staff or the system raises, they cant close ones you raise.
If you're ever in a bind, you could always do a dig to the Plusnet DNS servers, which should have the records updated before any others, if you're using linux/unix:

If you're using Windows, I recommend Kloth:
You can change the server address to match Plusnets, it still would take around 4 hours to update though