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Crons & Webspace figure

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Crons & Webspace figure

Just got 2 questions someone may be able to help with
1) How are cron entries managed in the new environment ?
    Can we create and manage them via the new control panel or do we have to create a ticket as we did previously for the attention of Hostopia ?
2) Which 'Disk Space' value should I pay attention to. I understand that the allocation is now 500 mb.
    On the front page of the control panel, under Website and Domain info, the Disk Space value is 244 of 500 mb.
    In File Manager Pro, at the top of the page it says space used, 372 of 500 mb
    I'd be surprised if 372 is correct as I haven't created anything new since the move to new and on the old we had to keep space to below 250 mb
    thanks, Marku
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Re: Crons & Webspace figure

1) The new Control Panel does not provide a tool for managing cron jobs. Bob has said these will continue to be handled as on the old server, ie we have to raise a ticket to get them set up. But the ticket goes to Plusnet not to Hostopia.
2) I think the space used figure in the top magin will include space used by MySQL database files and various site and database dump files used by Hostopia during migration. There are also numerous backup (.bak) files. In time such files will need to be tidied up/removed (by Plusnet/Hostopia). It looks like the top-row value is the one we need to keep within, but as far as I'm aware policing will be a manual process so sites shouldn't disappear without warning.