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Confused about old/new Plusnet webspace

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Confused about old/new Plusnet webspace

(reposted from Broadband)

Hello -- I've been "hosted" by Plusnet for a long while, without even knowing it to start with!

   1) My first email address was peter@[username]

   2) I also had webspace at www.username,

   3) I then acquired the domain www.[myname] -- and later I stopped bothering with (2).

   4) Then charitydays became Plusnet...

My question is: do I still have webspace equivalent to (2) with a URL that's different from the domain (3) (which I still use, as a Plusnet legacy I believe)?  If so, how do I access it (to view, and to upload)?  The old URL (2) doesn't work, of course, and if I try, that just takes me (in two steps) to (3).

I hope my confusion is clear.  The Plusnet help-people couldn't help with this one.

And if the "supplementary" webspace doesn't exist now, what is the simplest way of acquiring a second URL?

Thank you

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Re: Confused about old/new Plusnet webspace

Hi @PeterSoul 


Can you message me your account details and I'll take a look whats on your account for you.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager