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Changing to Sky

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Changing to Sky

Just wondered if somebody could point a thickie in the right direction  ;D. I'm clueless with things like this and am completely lost with my best option at the moment.
I'm considering changing my ISP from Plusnet to Sky. I currently have a domain hosted by Plusnet. All my email addresses use this domain. If I move to Sky would I be able to keep my addresses rather than getting new ones? If so how do I go about it and what type of costs are involved?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Changing to Sky

Sky customer service as an ISP stinks, you will be pulling your hair out if you need Technical Support from them, with Sky using India for most of it's call centers, thay do not speak English very well, plus thay will only follow the script on the computer to help you or not.
If you have your own domain, you can move it to 123-reg for Free and you can point it where you want.
Hope this helps