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Cannot connect to work VPN

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Registered: ‎23-04-2020

Cannot connect to work VPN

Hi all,

I am having a problem connecting to my work's VPN. I have tried checking precious posts but cannot see anythign that seems quite like this (sorry, not overly technical).

This is what my IT guys are saying

Our VPN uses ports UDP 500 and 4500 - the vpn is IKEv2. The router does not appear to want to connect to the VPN - we can make it connect if we use a hotspot or any other network, but as soon as it uses the plusnet wifi it does not connect. We have port forwarded ports UDP 4500 and 500 to the laptop, which has not helped. We have had multiple other employees with the same issue (this only happens with our employees who are plusnet customers). The port forwarding sometimes work, but in this case did not work

 Does anyone know what this is or any solutions?

Thanks in advsnce for any help.