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Cannot connect to plushost server

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Cannot connect to plushost server

I have just received an email from PlusNet saying that my plushost preview account has now been created. So I have followed the instructions to set up the trial domain and then tried to log on using my FTP program (Transmit), but I keep getting 'Could not connect to server "” - the server could not be found". Any ideas???
Also, I have had a look at the directory structure of my new webspace and am a bit confused. I am not sure where to put all my website files. Again, any help would be appreciated. The main reason for trying this out is because I have never been able to get the .php contact form in my websites to work (I use RapidWeaver/Mac) and I'm hoping this new set up will solve the problem.
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Re: Cannot connect to plushost server

You probably need to set up a username (the obvious one to use is the same as your main username) and password for FTP access to your plushost domain.
I suggest you have a look at the [PAYH] FAQs, Tips & Setup Guides for the new platform post that sits near the top of this forum. This tells you how to set up FTP access and should also help with your other questions.
Hopefully that will get you started.