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Can anyone help with Contribute

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Registered: ‎17-02-2009

Can anyone help with Contribute

Dear Forum
I wonder if any of you are familiar with Contribute (reduced version of Dreamweaver) and have encountered this problem. 
In "My Connections" the connection to my Plus net site is not displayed
When I navigate to that page it tells me I am viewing a page I do not have a connection to
When I try to create a connection I get an error message telling me I already have a connection to that page
and there is no option to proceed or edit that connection
How can I create a new connection to that page or edit the existing one (which is not displayed)
any answers?
best wishes
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Re: Can anyone help with Contribute

Gwyneth  I am sorry I don't know a single thing about contribute (but am reading up on it)  is it possible to switch over to FTP to upload files etc if that is what you want to do ?
I will have a read and see what I can come up with