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CNAME alias redirects

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CNAME alias redirects

I have an existing PN homepages website with FQDN of say (I own I have just  bought a minor variant of the name (say whose DNS is hosted by another ISP. I have amended the latter's DNS to CNAME alias it to the former FQDN e.g. ;  IN CNAME
A traceroute shows a search for is indeed ending up on but the web server is then giving a '404 page not found' response.
I am assuming that this is because either:
-  the PN web server's virtual hosting is relying on the client to  resolve the FQDN to an IP address (via the CNAME) which it then sends as a  request to the web server with the actual name in the http header (which is then used to call up the right page) - but the actual name included is and not the canonical
- may also, in turn, be CNAMEd by PN - and chains of CNAMESs are not a Good Thing 
Is there any way to make this work pls, short of transferring the domain name to PN and paying a hosting fee - which seems a bit pointless as I don't want any additional PN resources.
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Re: CNAME alias redirects

unless the PN DNS servers know about they cannot resolve it.
Hosting domains is free on most accounts - you just arrange for hosting only which leaves the billing where it is.