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[CGI] How to use cgi and php on web pages

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[CGI] How to use cgi and php on web pages

Can anyone help (and before jelv kicks in, I will deal with PAYH when the time comes, if it does so DONT reply with your usual unhelpful replies).
I have a captcha form using php and I have uploaded it into my CGI space.
I also have a number of html pages on my general webspace.
Considering I am using Notepad++ only and not the usual webediting software, how do I link the correct php files to the html file so that they work correctly?
This is all written in text format. So helpful comments only please.
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Re: [CGI] How to use cgi and php on web pages

If you have an folder in ccgi containing an 'index.php' file, you can run this with "".
Alternatively your can add an anchor in your normal html files -
<a href=""></a>
If you had an initiating file other than an 'index' file you would have to name this specifically in the URL.
Hope this helps.