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CCTV Remote Viewing

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Registered: ‎28-01-2020

CCTV Remote Viewing

Currently using 4 x OYNX (QVIS) cameras, a Prolux Hard Drive and a WavLink WiFi Extender. Tried to view the cameras on two different mobile phones (two different networks), they start to load and then I get Connection Failed. Tried Plusnet Tech Support who did something to a port or band, can't remember now, but that failed to work.


About a year ago they split the network into two, one network for the cameras and our old laptop, the other network for our mobiles, tablet and any new products.


Now I'm not that good with technology, although I will try. Noticed someone with a similar problem being advised to replace their router/modem with a BT Home Hub 6, now do I go down that route or try something else?