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[CCGI] Domain pointing to CCGI

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Registered: ‎14-07-2008

[CCGI] Domain pointing to CCGI

OK I have two domain names and I would like to point one to the cgi server. But here my question if I point the DNS records to the cgi server can I specify a folder on the server as I have two different websites both using php. The guides and manuals aren't very clear on this. Undecided
I have to say why do plus net make this so hard and not have everything on one server like every other hosting company? Undecided
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Re: Domain pointing to CCGI

I've had the exact same problem, which after 4 days plusnet were not able to resove or suggest and answer.
I have solved this myself!
Here's how:
First create a index.html home page for your domain that you wish to redirect (domainb to be redirected to domaina), so create this page for domainb.
In this html page, include the following:
<frameset rows="100%">
  <frame src="">
  <body>Please follow <a href="">link</a>!</body>
This will have the result of "hiding" domaina from the user, as the browser will show in the address bar.
Hope this helps!!