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BT VPN stopped working

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BT VPN stopped working


I've been using the BT Corporate VPN successfully since August 2019. It suddenly stopped working on 29.04.2020, and hasn't worked since. Here are the things that been tried, attempted:-

- The VPN doesn't work with either ethernet or WiFi.

- The VPN software (including associated certs etc.) have been reinstalled twice.

- The broadband line is providing good connection (75mb download, 19mb upload).

- The Line/Router have been checked by plusnet support and confirm that both are working fine.

- I've switched 'port clamping' on.

- I've also tried switching the firewall completely off.

- The VPN works fine through another WiFi provider.

- The VPN works fine through a tethered connection to my android phone, via a cellular connection. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: BT VPN stopped working

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