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Are Webspace Usage Stats permanently broken?

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Are Webspace Usage Stats permanently broken?

I opened a ticket (53194483) on 13th March reporting that my webspace usage was as below:
Webspace Allocation              250
Webspace Used                    265MB
Webspace Free                    0MB
Amount over Quota                15MB
Please note: Websites over quota may be subject to removal as per our AUP

I received various responses:
I have checked with our networks team who have confirmed that the current size is 123Mb. The portal system hasn't updated yet to reflect this. I can confirm that the website shouldn't be restricted or taken down.
I have been advised that this updates every morning, if this isn't updated tomorrow morning, then we'll be able to investigate. I can confirm that the next webspace restriction script run is 1am on Thursday.
Thank you for getting back to us. I've looked into your issue with our networks team. It turns out with have a problem with regards to this information being incorrect. The problem is with the developers to look into. If your site is not actually over use, it won't be removed. Even if it were, it would be a two minute fix to restore it for you.
This will be resolved but unfortunately I do not have an estimated repair date for this problem. I have informed the development team your account is affected by this problem.

Based upon the fact that my webspace usage is still displaying the identical incorrect information, how many of these responses might just be fobbing me off?
It would help clarify the situation if Plusnet could please correct the portal and advise the current status of webspace monitoring and removals?