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Another SMS Scam ?

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Another SMS Scam ?

I had a text yesterday :


"How has your Plusnet broadband been in the last month"

"Press 0 to 9"


Having looked up the number on 'whocalledme', which came in labelled T-Mobile, it's reported as a scam.


How did they know I'm on Plusnet and I'm not aware you know my mobile number so I don't think it's a leak from here?


I didn't reply and deleted it

Let's be careful out there !
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Re: Another SMS Scam ?

A timely warning and good advice to be careful. I never trust s.m.s. and phone calls, except from numbers in my phone's contacts, mobile and landline.

I suspect the scammers just pick providers etc. at random, eg. banks, broadband/landline providers, energy suppliers, HMRC to name just some.

It's possibly the fact you are a PN customer is them getting lucky and any customer who falls for it, very unlucky.

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Re: Another SMS Scam ?

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Re: Another SMS Scam ?

Most of the time the scammers do not know you will be a customer of a company, they will just send out a lad of messages to known uk mobile phone numbers and attach certain popular well known company names to them.

 I've had similar pretending to be from the likes of Plusnet, Talk Talk, BT, Royal mail, Amazon and so on.