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AXS Visitor Tracking (ax-admin.cgi) no longer works

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Registered: ‎18-03-2010

AXS Visitor Tracking (ax-admin.cgi) no longer works

I use AXS Visitor Tracking and have done for many years – it’s free from
The script "ax-admin.cgi" is the one I use to get an analysis of hits to my site and I've never before had any problem with it. However, now when I navigate to it in my browser, it displays its "login" screen, but when I input my username and password it simply reverts to the login screen again.
I presume this behaviour has been caused by the recent Plusnet changes. What do I need to do to make it work again?
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Re: AXS Visitor Tracking (ax-admin.cgi) no longer works

How is it now? We've made a slight config change which I think will have fixed your problem.