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755 permissions

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755 permissions

Hi, been all over the plus net help and this forum…
I get the page error that my files are not set to permission 755. I am aware that this needs to be set. Also do the files reside in the cgi-bin folder, or outside of it? I haven't been able to get this answer from Plus Net 😕
How do I change permissions?
Do the .php pages reside in the cgi-bin folder, or in the root of that folder?
With thanks
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Re: 755 permissions

can you use chmod <whatever> 775 as root?
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Re: 755 permissions

log into the ccgi server at using telnet or ssh
issue the following command:
that should do it.
PHP files should be directly into your CGI space, NOT in the cgi-bin folder, which is reserved for perl and similar.
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Re: 755 permissions

Hello there blitz,
You'll be better off using PuTTY...
infact you might as well greab WinSCP whilst you're at it to save you some more time and use S-FTP...
A quick lesson in *NIX type Shell Commands.
(There are thousands of better "Short" introductions as they've more time on their hands to collate them)
ls -lList Directory
cdChange Directory
pwdPrint Working Directory
chmod <permissions> <file>Set the Permissions for the File
whereis <file/direcotry>Find a file/dir
grep <expression>Regular Eaxpression Parser

Finding Help
For help with any function, your best bet is to type

command --help

If you want to set the Permissions of a file named index.php to (0)755 (Octal)

#> chmod 755 index.php

If you've got a set of PHP Files in just a directory, with NO subdirectories with PHP files within...

#> ls -l
drwxrwxrwx   2 user cgiusers 4096 xxx xx xx:xx cgi-bin
-rw-------   1 user cgiusers 0    xxx xx xx:xx index.php
-rw-------   1 user cgiusers 0    xxx xx xx:xx error.php
#> chmod 755 *.php

That will suffice.
If you've got a whole load of files, then use: -c / -r / -s

( / = OR )

Type ---help

For what each option does.
If you've put your PHP files in the "cgi-bin" folder,
it's not advised to put them there.
It actually makes no difference for what I use the cgi-bin folder for,
I actually have a few PHP files in there as utilities for my Website.
Otherwise, I hope that has put you in the right direction!