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zyxel 2000w set up help


zyxel 2000w set up help

anyone got the config for one of these. been going round in circles, also i have a linksys router wag54g



Did you ever receive a reply to this post? I have just bought a Prestige 2000W and cannot get it to connect with Plustalk. It just displays "Not Registered".

Any and all help would be much appreciated.

zyxel 2000w set up help

Not sure about the 200W but here are the VOIP settings I used on my 2002-L

This worked for me but it also depends on your firewall configuration to (I am using a netgear)

ZyXEL Prestige 2000W voip wi-fi phone

Many thanks for your post. The difficulty is that the available setup fields and the terminology used in the 2000W are completely different.

For instance, there is no SIP Service Domain field (or anything similar that I can see) and therefore no obvious place to record the "" information that I guess is pretty important!

The phone works fine with Free World Dialup so I'm sure it is a case of putting the right information in the right boxes to get it to work with Plustalk. I hope someone may be able to help!

Zyxel Prestige 2602R Settings

This is what I got from support (and works with the 2602R):

SIP number: <your 6 digit SIP number>
SIP local port: 5060
SIP server address:
SIP server port: 5060
REGISTER Server address:
REGISTER Server Port: 5060
SIP service domain:
Authentication UserID: <your 6 digit SIP number>
Authentication Password:<your SIP account password>

ZyXEL Prestige 2000W voip wi-fi phone

Many thanks for your input mayos. The settings which you describe are essentially those which I am trying to use - however there is no "Sip Service Domain" data field in the P2000W phone. I have tried every combination imagineable in the settings but it will still not register with Plustalk. With the correct settings it works just fine with FWD though so I guess that it is not a faulty phone or router misconfiguration.

I have today emailed Zyxel tech support to see if they can assist, but will probably have to wait until Monday for a response.

I just hope that there is someone out there who has successfully setup this phone to work with Plustalk!

Kind regards to all

ZyXEL Prestige 2000W voip wi-fi phone

I'm having exactly the same problems. Cannot get it to register despite trying all sorts of combinations.
Could it be something to do with router settings - do you have to do any port forwarding or dmzing to get it to register?
Could it be something to do with stun? But I don't think plustalk uses stun - it uses a proxy instead.

Got my p-2000w working finally!

Got mine working finally. Below are the settings.

SIP URI sip: your 6 digit sipID@ : 5060

SIP Server Address
SIP Server Port 5060
Registrar Server Address
Registrar Server Port 5060
Register Expiry Time(sec.) 3600
NAT Keep Alive 0
Session Expiry Time(sec.) 0
Display Name anything you like

Registrar Username your 6 digit sipID
Registrar Password your plusnet password

By the way, I used the G.729 codec. [/img]

zyxel 2000w now working

Thanks to haojw for putting me on the right path with all the SIP settings.

However the final part of the puzzle for me was the NAT traversal settings.
I found that plustalk recommend a STUN server "".
STUN allows your domain/realm ("") to be discovered by by the handset and traverse a NAT router or firewall.

If your still not registering follow haojws' advice on setting up SIP and then
set NAT traversal as follows:-
Select Type STUN(RFC3489)
STUN Server IP 3478
STUN Interval(sec.) 200


My router has SIP ALG (Application Layer Gateway). That's why I didn't bother with STUN server settings.

zyxel 2000w set up help

Excellent info, mayos. I just configured PlusTalk on my brand new Zyxel Prestige 2602HWL (£139.99 from PlusNet, cheaper than ExpressIT and PC World Business! Tongue )

(nice piece of kit by the way, autoconfig would've worked perfectly if I'd remembered to add to my username!)

P2602 engaged

I can get my Zyxel P2602HW-61C to register with Plustalk and to connect to the echo test (7000) but I cannot call a landline (just get an engaged tone). I wonder if someone can list their advanced settings as I supect the problem may be there. Thanks

P2602 dial out problem solved?

Have finally tracked down the problem to the Caller ID setting. If that is witheld by the P2602 then you cannot dial out. Looks like a Plustalk issue.

Zyxel 2602

Thanks to mayos (28 Jan 06) settings, I have just got my Zyxel 2602HW working - no advanced settings required - pretty much straight out of the box. I guess that shouldn't a surprise considering the 2602R can't be that different but it was unexpectedly easy...

Thanks Cheesy